Scandinavian Sleepcomfort

What should you consider when buying a mattress? Which one suits you? Buy from Vanjanssen, get your night's rest at champion prices. More than a hundred colors! Wonderful comfort! Affordable! Direct from stock! Free Delivery!



Scandinavian Sleepcomfort

100% Custom

Customization is our greatest asset!

Customization is our greatest asset! With Van Janssen, you can assemble your own bed, fully tailored to your preferences and taste. Personalize your box spring with a wide range of high-quality colors, fabrics, and configurations according to your personal preference.

Sweet Dreams

Comfortable nights for everyone.

With full self-confidence, Van Janssen enters the world of sleep and quickly creates a success formula with its unprecedented growth rate. Our success story is characterized by high-quality and sustainable sleep solutions; COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED!


Comfort and design; the perfect match.

Your desires and tastes take center stage, while our team provides you with advice and customized solutions that seamlessly align with your needs. We closely monitor the latest sleep trends and continually expand our range, so you only have to enjoy an optimal night's rest.

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